A new generation E-MOSQUITO KILLER NIGHT LAMP” a safest solution against mosquito bite. It is environment friendly, non-toxic, chemical free, unpleasant smell free, quiet, energy saver and easy to use & clean. It does not require any coil or re-fill. Its power rating is 6W only.

Two added features of this E-mosquito killer are that it can be used as a perfect night lamp and fragrance diffuser also. Put any fragrant material like camphor etc. in the lower removable basket and enjoy the rejuvenating fragrance also.

The most effective way to avoid getting sick from viruses spread by mosquitoes is to prevent mosquito bites. For this many options are available in the market. However, most of them has one or the other side effects.

Toxicity, Unpleasant smell, Smoke, and Environmentally hazardous are few of them. They all are, equally or rather more harmful than mosquito bite. So, the need is to have a 100% safe solution against harmful mosquito bite, means which does not have any side effect. To meet this challenge successfully, Gift India presents this wonderful solution “a new generation E-MOSQUITO KILLER NIGHT LAMP” The best way to trap the mosquitoes. It is safe and non-poisonous.

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Electronic Led E-Mosquito Killer Lamp

  • Code: UT-206
  • Availability: 4
  • Weight (in grms): 250.00
  • Size (L x W x H) in cm: 13.00 x 13.00 x 16.00
  • Rs.799
  • Rs.599