Rock Salt Crystals Has Been Used Since Ages For The Purification Of Aura And Home/Office Premises.

MOPPING: You can use Rock Slat Crystals added in water to clean your floor of your house and office at least once a week. Rock Salt Crystals will absorb all the negative energy and make the area purified and clean. The environment will feel fresh and lively with a surge of positive energy after cleansing the house with these Rock Salt Crystals. The right procedure for purification would be to clean the walls of all webs and dust. Mind here, that this dirt may not be visible to the bare eye but this negative energy particles are embedded in the corners of your room and do influence your health and mind.

KEEPING IN BOWL/CONTAINER: Having functions and large gatherings will bring in a lot of energy together under one roof and just imagine as we have religious rituals we purify the space so also functions will bring a lot of positive as well as negative energy. Not all people will be your well-wishers and consequently the change in energy of your house or office occurs which cannot be seen, only felt. After any function where a lot of people have come, relatives, friends, acquain-tances then after this you need to purify the space. Also termed as space clearing this Rock Salt Crystals are very effective cure in Feng Shui to remove negativities coming for negative thoughts of the visitors. Put some Rock Salt Crystals in crystal or ceramic container and keep it hidden in every room of your house. Avoid putting it, in metal containers as this will melt and corrode your container. This is important that you place Rock Salt Crystals before the function and gathering and when the function is over, and all visitors had left the place, disposed off these rock salt crystals in the toilet and flushed away, as it contains a lot of negative energy. Then you can burn incense to make the environment fresh and clean to welcome positive energy in your home and office.

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Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Crystals / Mopping Salt-1000gms + 500 gms Worth Rs. 295 Free

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