• Japji Sahib (Swiss Made 24K Gold Plated)

Japji Sahib (Swiss Made 24K Gold Plated)

Jap Means To Repeat (Recite), And Ji Means Soul. The Repetition Of Japji Gives You A Consistent Projection And Allows You To Access Your Own Infinite Source Of Inspiration And Depth.

It Is Believed That Reciting Japji Sahib Daily Morning Will Balance All Important Aspects (Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Luck……) Of Your Life. Each Pauri (Stanza) Of This Book Will Work On Particular Facet. For Example:

  1.  3rd Pauri -  Turns Insufficiency Into Sufficiency, Depression Into Elevation And Low Self-Esteem Into Self-Confidence
  2. 25th Pauri - Pre-Fulfills All Your Needs.  Prosperity, Virtue, Estate And Wealth Are Yours Without Asking
  3. 27th Pauri - Shows You The Way When You Are Stuck. Removes Obstacles And Hurdles.
  4. 29th Pauri - Is A Shield Of Protection From Enemies.  It Vaporizes Animosity Towards You
  5. 37th Pauri - Cuts Karma And Eliminates The Impact Of All Bad Karmas

 Likewise there are 48 Pauris and each has its own significance to fulfill and achieve the specific purpose or goal of the life.. ……………………………

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Japji Sahib (Swiss Made 24K Gold Plated)

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