• Navdhanya Pyramid with Marble Chowki


Dimension : Navdhanya Pyarmid= 5 x 5 Inches,

Chowki : 6 x 6 Inches Approx.

Navdhanya pyramid is the first ever metaphysical creation which combines the two age old sources of Positive Energy i.e. Pyramid and Nine auspicious grains.

Benefits :

Navdhanya pyramid helps in countering and removing architectural faults, negative effects of planets, tention, depression, misfortune, illness, family problems. It generates higher energy levels. It brings peace, progress, happiness, prosperity and success in every aspect of life whether it is a personal or professional life. Relieve against tension and stress, both from the body and the mind.· May be kept anywhere in house, on study room/ study table, office/office table, factory, work-place, in car/bus, temple etc. No special worship or ritual is to be performed, works naturally. Basic purification is already done. Whatsoever exists in the whole Universe is nothing than the physical transformation of Cosmic Energy. In the world of scientific knowledge, a branch of science named GEOMANCY ( measures the emission of energy) maintenance that each and everything in this universe attract and emit some form of energy.

Both the aspects of life, Physical (worldly) as well as Metaphysical (spiritual) do depend on energy.

It is energy which impels the sun to shine, wind to blow, water to flow, earth to rotate on its axis, water to evaporate, rain to fall, seeds to germinate, plants to grow, flowers to bloom, fruits to ripe, fire to burn, potter’s wheel to move & crops to grow. All creatures of this universe need energy whether it’s for their existence or for cooking meals, digesting it within the stomach, attending the calls of the nature, making arms & weapons, or for movements, vehicles, communications, sexual intercourses, or for the birth & up- bringing of the progeny. There is a basic need of energy for everything. Everything need energy to begin or end with.

Pyramids are regarded as the perfect structures to attract and accumulate the cosmic energy. The power of pyramids is being used from ancient times. The Great Pyramids in Egypt stand as a proof of the stability and strength of the pyramid structure.

Geomancy has proved that Pyramids attract cosmic energy, and due to its specific shape,enhance it many times, that is the why that the things which are kept inside the pyramid are preserrved for thousands of years.

Likewise, the Positive energy aspects of Nine Auspicious grains are very well mentioned in the ancient scriptures like Padampurana etc.

Each grain is a source of the natural positive energy of a specific planet and each grain individually responsible for attracting the positive energy of the specific related planet. And, when they placed all together, these nine grains jointly connects and attract the cosmic energy and enhance it thousand times systematically, which is highly beneficial.

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Navdhanya Pyramid with Marble Chowki

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