• Kamdhenu Cow With Calf-T(Silver Plated)

Kamdhenu Cow With Calf-T (Silver Plated)
Dimension: L-6, W-2.5, H-5 Inches approx.

Kamdhenu cow idol along with its calf is the symbol of prosperity and Vatsalya (love that a mother feels for a child). It can be placed in the room of children and guests. With the impact of it children become obedient and auspicious Sanskaras are inculcated in them. So it is highly auspicious for enhancing the good luck of your house.

Kamadhenu is the sacred wish-cow grants all wishes and desires. In Hindu mythology, Kamadhenu is a divine cow. This divine cow, lives in Heaven, emerged from the Ocean of Milk at the time of Samudra Manthan.

Every part of Kamadhenu's body has a religious significance. Its four legs symbolize the four Vedas, and its teats the four Purusharthas. It's Horns symbolize the Gods, it's face symbolize the Sun and the Moon, It's shoulders Agni and its legs the Himalayas.

Cow is considered equivalent to Goddess in Hindu Religion. It is believed that cow is the abode of 33 crore Gods. That is why cow is worshipped on all special occasions in India. Cow is considered holy and worth worshipping in Hindu religion. According to Shastras the auspicious results of cow service (Gauseva) is attained in several rebirths and that is why Hindu religion emphasises the philosophy of cow service.

Kamdhenu cow is Prana (life) of Hindu Culture. It is worshipped like holy rivers and scriptures. Kamdhenu cow is the mother of all living creatures. All Hindus respect cow as the symbol of Hindu religion. Kamdhenu cow is the mother of divine qualities and on earth it is equivalent of Goddess.

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Kamdhenu Cow With Calf-T(Silver Plated)

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  • Weight (in grms): 550.00
  • Size (L x W x H) in cm: 15.24 x 6.35 x 14.00
  • Rs.3,500
  • Rs.3,250

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