• Ganesha Bothsided (Glass-Crystal)

Bothsided Ganesha Idol (Glass- Crystal)
Dimension: H-2.5 Inches Approx.

Dedicated incessant devotion toward Almighty knows no rituals and a devotee can worship or place Deity's figure/statue in any form or anywhere. However, if we want to have worldly benefits then we are bound to follow the established rituals related to that particular God / Goddess's figure. In this regard, for Lord Ganesha - a bestower of peace, prosperity, knowledge & remover of all obstacles- it is believed that his two wives Riddhi (Prosperity) and Siddhi (Knowledge) always accompany Ganesha and poverty resides behind his back.

Here, We should understand that the term Prosperity is not confined to richness only but includes success / benefits/honors, in all spheres of life, which make one's life full of positive energy, a state of an ecstasy. Likewise, the term Poverty does not mean absence of money or richness only but the presence of all those negative circumstances where all endeavors prove futile and success become a matter of dream only. A life full of struggle & miseries .In precise we can logically conclude that the Prosperity is nothing than the physical transformation of positive energy and poverty is an accumulation of negative energy.

Hence, to have Prosperity (positive energy) and to avoid Poverty (negative energy), it is recommended to have/place both sided (back-to-back) Ganesha whose bliss goes beyond all the limitations of the body & mind.

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Ganesha Bothsided (Glass-Crystal)

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