Feng Shui Items

It has Chinese coins, Bagua, feng shui bells, chimes, ingots, crystals (crystal balls, crystal lotus, crystal globes, crystal pyramid and crystal Pyramids), feng shui keychains, evil  eye lucky charms, 5 element pagoda, red scrolls, sailing boats, wu lou and others (such as compass, coin , etc).  

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Arowana Feng Shui Fish (Gold Plated)
Carp Fish (Gold Plated) (Fengshui)
Crystal Ball - B

Crystal Ball - B


Crystal Ball - S

Crystal Ball - S


Dragon (Golden) (Fengshui)

Dragon (Golden) (Fengshui)

Rs.2,250 Rs.2,400

Dragon With Ball (Imperial Dragon)
Education Tower (Golden)
Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Rs.499 Rs.599

Love Bird (Golden) (fengshui)
Lucky Calendar (Fengshui)
Mandarin Duck for Love (Fengshui)
Pakua / Pakuva Mirror
Three Legged Frog (Golden)
Three Legged Toad or Frog
Toad / Frog with Coin (Golden)
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