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They are an excellent way to “BLESS & IMPRESS” your loved ones ,clients, employees & business associates . Each Concept is Holistic in nature, not only express your Sentiments & Appreciation  but also contributing for the WELLBEING of the possessor.
Not only artistically decorative but also  a medium to bless the possessor with the age old proven benefits of positive energy of the world of Indian Spiritualism ………Combines the TIME TESTED CONCEPTS OF ANCIENT WISDOM with theNEW AGE APPROACH.

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Flower / Rose (24k-10 inches-Gold Foil)
Flute in Stone

Flute in Stone

Rs.1,500 Rs.1,600

Gaj Laxmi Temple (Stone)

Gaj Laxmi Temple (Stone)

Rs.3,500 Rs.3,600

Ganesha Coin Card (999 Silver)
Gold Finish Business Card Holder
Gold Plated Crystal Big Ben Clock Tower
Gold Plated Crystal Eiffel Tower (Big)
Gold Plated Crystal Mecca Madina
Gold Plated Crystal Taj Mahal (Medium)
Handcrafted Lantern in Marble 10"
Japji Sahib (Swiss Made 24K Gold Plated)
Kalash showpiece (Kalash)
Lantern-I (Marble 12")

Lantern-I (Marble 12")

Rs.2,371 Rs.2,529

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